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चाँदनी महल (परियों का आस्‍ताना, डेरा) बेमिसाल ईदगाह देवी मन्दिर कैराना कैराना का नवाब तालाब कैराना के इतिहास पर ऐतिहासिक भाषण

Book: Izhar -ul- Haq By: M Rahmatullah Kairanvi

Book: Izhar -ul- Haq By: M Rahmatullah Kairanvi
Published in London ( )
English Translation of: Izhar -ul- Haq The Truth Revealed Parts 1-2 and 3 By M Rahmatullah Kairanvi Paperback 474 Pages Ref: 139 ti Price: £9.95 Originally written in Arabic under the Title Izhar ul Haq by the distinguished 19th century Indian Scholar Maulana Rahmatullah Kairanvi and appeared in 1864. Well before the now famous Muslim-Christian Debates by Ahmad Deedat of South Africa Maulana Rahmatullah was challenging the Christian offensive against Islam in British India. In a debate which took place in January 1854, in Akbarabad in the City of Agra. The Rev C C P Founder (who had written a book in Urdu to cast doubts into the minds of the Muslim) admitted that there were alterations in the Bible in seven or Eight places to which the Maulana commented "If any alteration is proved to have been perpetrated in a particular text, it is considered null and void and invalidated. This and other debates proving Islam to be the true religion was part of the trigger which lead to the Brutal British aggression against the Muslims of India in 1857 in which thousands of Ulemah were killed, Maulana Rahmatullah was at the top of the list, but Allah saved him and took him to Makkah where he established The Madrasa Saulatia.


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