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चाँदनी महल (परियों का आस्‍ताना, डेरा) बेमिसाल ईदगाह देवी मन्दिर कैराना कैराना का नवाब तालाब कैराना के इतिहास पर ऐतिहासिक भाषण

MY KAIRANA۔۔۔۔Miss-Sneh Lata Saini

Miss-Sneh Lata Saini

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which called kingdom of karna. There found any aspect which tell to kairana, A historical place with some events and places such a Devi Mandir, Eidgah, Nawab Darwaja, Nou Lakha Bagh, Nou Gaza Peer and also much more damage remain parts tell a story of mughals, Kairana always remain a eye point of mughal badshah and constructed many important palaces by them. Kairana born many ancient personalities who made their potential efforts to highlight. Mr. Moulana Rehmatullah faced the English debate to protect Hindu & Muslim religious and lead a faith in concern religious since then till today. In field of traditional music Sastri ghan, “kairana gharana” very popular for their contribution Rememberable in music. The founder of “kairana gharana” Abdul Karim Khan very famous in the world for Rag Ghan. They visit much country such as China America etc. But these facts related with kairana were not visualized, that can provide much more on historical view on kairana. But it completed by Mr. Umar kairanvi in form of book & web site ( Some other joint effort by Shri Asha Ram thesis on historical kairana and all committee members. Today youth of kairana imagine a bright future because today exist many faculty such as Academic and Professional Education, Medicals & Banks etc. If any politician takes interest in historical perspective of kairana. It will become a tourist place.


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